Friday, January 19, 2007

TCC big money interests spread propoganda

Despite a record surplus, the Governor of Texas and TxDot leaders claim that Texas cannot afford to build highways without tolls. Gee whiz. They seem to think that Texans are idoits. Somehow they think we will believe that money out of our pockets to pay tolls is better than money out of our pockets to pay taxes to build and maintain highways.

It is a big shell game and they persist in playing Texas voters (Democratic, Republican and Independent)as fools. Across Texas billboards have appeared claiming that the TTC will give us jobs and make us safer! These boards appear to be Clear Channel bulletins paid for by the Outdoor Advertising Association. Wonder if they have an under the table agreement with the state that they'll get the contracts for new billboards? Something is up folks and it isn't good.

Texans are uniting against the TTC. Texas Toll Party, Independent Texans are joining with Texas Democrats and Republicans. March 2nd (Texas Independence Day) there will be a rally in Austin by Texans who want their tax money to be spent for the highest priorities --- good roads and highways, no tolls, state control of infrastructure. We'll share more information as we get it.

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