Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dedicated to Mayor Cluck and the City Council - Can't you See it's Acid Rainin'?

Kim Feil - July 31, 2010

Can't You See It's Acid Raining
Added by Kim Triolo Feil (videos) Song by Jack Johnson with words "tweeked a little bit" by Kim Triolo Feil

Environmental plea for City Councils all across America to be patient until air and water studies are complete and unbiased regarding the safty of natural gas drilling using toxic chemicals in the hydraulic fracturing process. The loopholes on regulations that allow free emissions and exemptions on this fast growing industry needs to be overhauled in the oil and gas industry. We need a new TX governor sympathic to human lives and NOT big business. Also BP's dispersant activity also comes into question about acid rain - who knows how far pollution fall out travels? God help us all! Here are the lyrics...

Can't You See It's Acid Raining?

It's dangerous to go outside! It's so crazy!
You hardly even notice when I try to show ya.
This song is meant to keep ya from drilling up the town!
Methane gas extraction, maybe we'll explode?
Make us all die early, pretend like its so safe outside.
We could pretend it all the time.
Can't You See It's Acid Raining?
Ain't no healthy air outside. But just maybe
Hollering the ladies "drillings killing babies!"
Really don't want no spill by my Cowboy Stadium.
Greedy, greedy sell out; money buys the people.
We could close the loopholes
prevent pollution flowing now.
Then we could prevent it all the time.
Can't You See It's Acid Raining?
Don't let the children play outside.
And the telephone's singing ringing
City Council won't pick it up.
Pleas don't drill here we got everything we need right here
And everything we need is enough. Just so sleazy-
When the whole world watched BP's toxic harm
Do we really need to blindly drill without alarm?
Take it slow, take it slow. It's so crazy
You hardly even notice when I try to show ya
This song is meant to keep ya from fracking up the water,
Taking in the big bucks, breathing benzene SUCKS!
Making a water shortage pretend like its no problem now.
We could pretend it all the time.
Can't You See It's Acid Raining?
Toxic concoctions just outside.
Make me wheeze, lung disease
Dr Cluck you're in denial.

HELP GIVE KIM's PAL the gas masked life-size dummy a name. He's become very social lately. He's been at the TCEQ hearing in Arlington, the EPA Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination Hearing in Fort Worth, was threatened by an Arlington Policeman for making a "political statement" at the so-called non-political Arlington Fourth of July Parade, to Old Town Neighborhood Association Watermelon in the Park and ha accompanied Kim numerous other places lately yet he has no name.

Submit suggestions for name to

We'll come up with some sort of prize. It will probably be a "cheap one" but it will be a prize!

The video showing on the screen behind Kim was shot by her in July on the fork of the Trinity that goes behind Elzie Odom Recreation Center. It is of the gung - grey brownish foam pollution flowing downstream. Kim brought it to my house immediately after she left the Trinity and we called every water regulatory agency and everyone told us someone else was responsible for testing or overseeing that part of the Trinity! There seems to be no easy quick way to report pollution and to get answers about the state of our waterways when they aren't in specific jurisdictions or if you don't get routed to the right person within responsible agencies. Pollution does however, make interesting backdrops for music videos.

This is in part a duet. Kim is almost upstaged by her bird!

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