Sunday, April 22, 2018

Neutralize Louie Gohmert

By  Faith Chatham - April 22, 2018
Shirley McKellar is fighting to rid East Texas of the stupidity of Louie Gohmert. 
An article in the Longview News Journal during the primary earlier this year, discounted US Texas 1st District Democratic Congressional Nominee Dr.Shirley J. McKellar, PhD, RN, Maj. (ret) as "just an Army Nurse."

My response is:
  1. McKellar has created more jobs in East Texas than most governmental programs
  2. She is responsible for helping meet the mental health needs of veterans and military families in 12 East Texas counties.
  3. As an officer on the Veterans Administration Mental Health Advocacy Council, she is "at the table" fighting cuts to women's mental health services and at the table fighting to expand mental health services for all veterans.

McKellar doesn't just talk about supporting veterans, McKellar puts her talent and personal resources into helping veterans.

  • She brings Housing for Homeless Vets to East Texas. Last year, when at a ribbon cutting for a housing complex in Dallas for Homeless Veterans, she asked:"How can we get a similar one in East Texas."She did not let the current party of the majority of Congress or the current occupants of the White House deter her.She pulled together a steering committee of local stakeholders, donated some of her own land, and worked diligently with HUD and the VA to "make it happen."

  • On March 3rd, 2018 ground was broken for the new complex in Smith County where homeless veterans can use their VA Benefits to buy their own condos.

  • She prioritizes Education and knows how to enable children to succeed. For 20 years she operated an early childhood education center in Tyler providing care and education until midnight 7 days a week for infants through 13-year olds. It closed when she was deployed to the Middle East, She has tracked the progress of the children they served. EVERY child served by that center has graduated from High School and gone to college. One is currently in law school. That program could serve as a pilot program for how to do it right!

Shirley McKellar understands that the more responsibility you have, the more you don't know which you need to know. She is always learning and improving her skills so that she can serve people effectively.. She has a PhD in nursing, a MS in Criminal Justice and has almost completed another masters in Political Science.

  • Her expertise in economic development, small business incubation, job creation and non-profit organization equips her to serve the people of this district. During Mr. Gohmert's tenure the unemployment rate and number of persons living in poverty in most of the district has escalated. Under Louie Gohmert's watch one third of the residents of the US Texas 1st District have descended below the poverty line! He seems oblivious and does nothing to combat the deep poverty of the people of this District. He does not listen. He does not act.

Shirley McKellar listens to people. Shirley McKellar observes, verifies and researches.
Shirley McKellar collaborates and brings solutions that serve people.
This is the leadership we need in Congress.

Someone with the Longview News referred to her as "just an ArmyNurse!"
  • She is "just an army nurse" who implemented much of the women's health care for the US Military in the European Theatre.
  • She is "just an army nurse" who established the only comprehensive breast center in the US Military serving men and women.
  • She is "just the army nurse" who partnered with UT Medical School to determine why the mortality rate for men and women of color who have breast cancer is significantly greater than for white women and to look for treatments which give better outcomes.
  • "She is "just the army nurse" who co-founded (with UT Medical School) the African American Breast Cancer Awareness and administers a $5 Million grant for finding solutions for people with breast cancer..
  • She is the "just an army nurse" who got 61.9% of the 2018 Primary vote in a contested primary where she was outspent nearly 3 to 1 by her opponent.
  • She is "just the army nurse" whom East Texan know and trust because she is always there serving beside them, working with them and fighting for them.

The best outcome for East Texas in 2018
is for Louie Gohmert to be replaced
with this "just an army nurse!"

Please donate to Shirley McKellar for Congress to enable her to continue building the infrastructure necessary to turn the First District Blue. She does not need to match her opponent dollar for dollar. She has demonstrated that she knows how to stretch your contribution. Let's give her more to stretch. Let's give her a better shot at ridding the U.S. Congress of the stupidity of Louie Gohmert.


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