Sunday, December 23, 2018

Election Day, 2018 - Why I Write - Purpose - Activism

By Carolyn Chatham - Wise Woman - September 2018

I've neglected this site for a spell, as my  grandfather used to say. Fall is always a busy time, and this Fall was especially packed. Oh screw it! I just didn't get here and ruminate about anything. Excuses, you know.
Today we see what the future of the nation will be. Will the Republican Party become nothing more than the Trump Party, or will we send a message and set a new course.
Regardless of how the election turns out, even if we take control of the House, this is only the beginning. From now on, Americans must learn to do their civic duty. To inform themselves. To research and ascertain what sources of information are most accurate and fact based. To spend as much time discussing and debating political policy as we do discussing and debating sports. We must make political discourse a sport in America. From now on, we must break the old rule, "Never talk about politics or religion."
We must talk talk talk. We must make sure that our young people understand that either they will be at the table (or their elected reps will be there) or they will beon the table. That the decisions made by our elected and appointed leaders determine their quality of life, whether they can borrow money, whether they can voice their opinions and beliefs, what quality education they and their children can get, whether they and their children can get healthcare, whether their parents/grandparents will continue to receive social security and medicare, whether they will have access to a good income or a subsistence income, even whether they will have clean water and air. We must make them understand that politics is about who gets what, how, when. That either they will let the richest and most powerful continue to hog up the bounty of America and configure the field to their advantage and influence them to act against their own best interests, or they will assert themselves politically and seize the power of the vote, voice, action to rebalance our political system for the welfare of all Americans.  
I am very nervous. The past two years have been difficult emotionally and physically for me. Today I pledge to take a deep breath, reaffirm my determination to live a healthier more balanced life, and come out like a warrior for the next two years.
Meanwhile, I recently wrote the first short story I have ever written. It surprised even me! Wish me luck while I look for a place to send it. It's got elements of surrealism, fantasy, mythology, and feminism. Ideas?

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