Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Them Fires on the Texas Prairie

There's more than one kind of prairie fire

1. Between elected officials and them that "brung em to the dance"
2. Between Aggie Engineers and Aggie Farmers and Ranchers
3. Between Historians and Legislators
4. Between Environmentalist and Legislators and Contractors
5. Between Grassroots Democrats who are looking at turn-coat money grubbing Democrats in office who are voting with big money interests on the TTC and who received donations from Zachry
6. Between Grassroots Republicans who are looking at incumbent Republicans who they helped elect who are supporting the TTC and who took money from toll road special interests
7. Between Local governments and regional transportation planning entities who are endorsing the TTC and local voters who are mad because their officials are endorsing it without listening to the people

We had devastating grass fires in much of this state which left thousands of acres of farm/ranch land charred. Much of rural Texas was declared a National Disaster. The TTC is the defining insulting swipe at those same people. When it is an act of nature (or even arson which got further out of hand) it is devastating. However, the TTC is something that governmental officials are deliberately DOING to the Ranchers, Farmers, homeowners and tax payers of Texas.

"Remember the Alamo" will be mild compared to the battle cry of "Remember TTC" before this is over.

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