Friday, May 11, 2007

Someone’s crying, Laura, kumbaya

Dave Levinthal of the Dallas Morning News reports on a call for harmony during the tense dramatic Dallas 2007 city elections. Opposition to the Trinity Toll Road is a hot topic in this year's election. His post on the "education technicans" employed by backers of the Trinity River Tollway Project is worth our attention. Angela Hunt's letter to Laura Miller in response to harassment of signature seeking petitioners is included in the article. Levinthal doesn't mention in this article that the supporters of the Trinity Toll Road, (Laura Miller and many corporate sponsors including Baylor Health Care System, University of North Texas, and Mary Kay) have established a non-profit educational foundation to promote the project. Some opponents charge that there are violations to the election code in using governmental and corporate money to hire consultants who are interferring with petitioners collecting signatures in opposition to the Trinity Toll Way. Things are getting interesting in Dallas. There have always been bodies were dumped near the levee of the Trinity. We'll watch to see if any political skeletons emerge from relationships with this project.

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