Friday, August 17, 2007

Independent Texans launches IMPEACHPERRY.COM

By Linda Curtis - Independent Texans - Aug. 17, 2007
Citizens across the state, and from across the political spectrum, have been calling their local civic and political organizations ever since the legislature went home last May, asking what they can do to remove Rick Perry from the Governor's office. The answer they get is this. Texans do not have the right to recall state office holders. But the legislature has the right to impeach state officials.

Independent Texans, the state's only association for the growing plurality of Texas voters who self-identify as independent, has launched an effort calling for the impeachment Rick Perry. The following statement was released by Independent Texans' founder, Linda Curtis about the effort:

"The only Texas Governor to be impeached was James "Pa" Ferguson back in 1917. It all started when he vetoed an appropriation for the University of Texas. Then a charge emerged that Ferguson was giving highway contracts to his friends in return for kickbacks. Perry's insistence on ramming his freeway toll and Trans-Texas Corridor scams down our throats, and the continued shell game with billions of transportation dollars, had already brought the call for Perry's removal to a near boiling point. When Rick Perry vetoed a very necessary appropriation for our community colleges, that's when the call for his impeachment began being taken seriously. We intend to take this campaign out across the state, to all political camps, and to neuter this administration. Whether or not that leads to Perry's impeachment will be up to the legislature. Let's see if history does indeed repeat itself."

Ten favorite reasons for Perry's impeachment (to which citizens can add), the impeachment process, targeting Perry's allies, and Impeach Perry bumper stickers can all be found at We encourage you to order stickers in bulk to spread the word and to help our mutual cause.

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