Thursday, December 06, 2007

Media and Energy

By Faith Chatham - DFWRCC - Dec. 6, 2007
Today Media Consolidation and Energy are hot topics in Washington. Congressman John Dingell's assessment that the FCC has been "short-circuiting procedural norms" and failing to communicate appropriately with members, other legislators and the public is circulating through Washington and across America.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin ignited a fire storm when he moved to allow consolidation of media in the same market. See HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE FCC and HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE TO QUESTION FCC ON MEDIA OWNERSHIP

On another front, privacy is a hot button for citizens. Advancements in technology now allow internet providors to track every website visited by their customers. See WATCHING WHAT YOU SEE ON THE WEB.

We continue with the same old leap frog pattern between technological advances, profit driven infringements, citizens outcry as privacy erodes, governmental regulations, lobbyist and citizen activists demands for advantages or remedies. It is prudent for citizens to keep tabs on these developments. What news we have access to through media in our hometowns and who watches what we read and write on the internet and how that information is used is up for grabs.

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