Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DNC chooses venue for Rules Committee Meeting too small to accommodate party members

Faith Chatham - DFWRCC - May 26, 2008
Despite Democratic Party Rules which stipulate that all committee meetings must be open to the public and that meetings are to be held in venues large enough to accommodate all interested party members, the DNC has selected a venue for the May 31st Rules Committee meeting which does not accommodate many of the people who have applied to attend.

The DNC Rules Committee is scheduled to decide whether to seat delegates from MI and FL who were elected in primaries held earlier than authorized by Democratic Party Rules. Thousands of Senator Obama's supporters and Senator Clinton's supporters are watching this committee hearing. The Obama czmpaign's position is that the delegates should either be excluded from the convention or split evenly between the two campaigns. Clinton supporters favor seating delegates according to the proportion of votes cast by the people in the MI and FL primaries. Both candidates appeared on the Florida ballot. Senator Obama had his name removed from the Michigan ballot. Party rules did not stipulate that the candidates could not appear on the ballot. Rules did prohibit candidates from campaigning in those primaries. Neither candidate campaigned in those states. Senator Clinton carried Florida by

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