Monday, March 06, 2017

All Politics Is Local: Arlington, TX 2017 Local Ballot

By Faith Chatham - March 6, 2017

All politics is local. Arlington is one of the largest cities in Texas and it has a 100% GOP controlled City Council. Even though City Council Seats are 'non partisan', the party affiliation of candidates and incumbents is usually known by citizens. Here is the list of people who have filed for City Council and AISD seats. There are several candidates this year for the District 3 Seat being vacated by Roberto Riveria.

Marvin Sutton is a long time Democratic activist who is running for an open seat on the City Council. Sutton is a Veteran and Air Traffic Controller. (Federal Employees are restricted from running for partisan offices but can serve in non partisan city council and school board seats.) Sutton would be a good addition to the City Council. He has served on numerous city committees including organizing Neighborhood Night Out events in his community. Transportation and Public Safety are some of Sutton's priorities. He is currently the Democratic Senate District Committee Man for SD 22 and previously served in that capacity in SD9. Sutton has consistently served the Arlington community in party and civic capacities for more than 2 decades.

Another candidate seeking that same vacant seat is Berim Elmaz, a PhD candidate at SMU. Elmaz has served in various capacities with the city and NCTCOG.

The only woman in the District 3 race is IT specialist Roxanne Thalman. Her list of volunteerism includes the 4th of July Committee.

Aircraft cabinmaker Pablo R. Frias is also on the District 3 ballot and advocates for a "small government approach."

Most of the candidates for District 3 have all served in variousl capacities on numerous city committees. It is encouraging to see a slate of candidates emerge who have the depth of experience that many of them exhibit in civic and governmental committees.

In District 4 Incumbent council woman Kathryn Wilemon is challenged by Libertarian Activist Theresa Rushing. In District 5 Dakota Loupe, a UTA Student,and Matthew Powers, a consultant, are challenging Councilwoman Llana Wolff.

Mayor Jeff Williams is being challenged by Chris Dobson. Dobson has run for various council seats during most elections for the past decade.

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