Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tolls: Rumors and more rumors

May 26, 2007 by McBlogger

We all know that everyone caved on 792. Apparently, we're hearing that some of the members from Houston metro are under pressure from HCTRA, just like the North Texas folks are being attacked by NTTA. Keep in mind this bill doesn't do a damn thing and has so many loopholes it's ridiculous. Senator Nichols, for one, was quoted as saying that it was the moratorium everyone wanted.

Not so much, Senator. As soon as Amendment 13 was stripped out, it became worthless.

Time after time y'all keep worrying about people at the RMA's and Toll Authorities. It's really pretty silly since there are going to be some significant changes over the next few years in these organizations. Think I'm lying? Just look at the mood in Central Texas. The people most effected by toll roads are the ones most upset. Do you really think there won't be some changes in Williamson County over the next couple of years? Travis County had their's with the election of Sarah Eckhardt.

Sure, Houston has had toll roads for a while. So has Dallas. However, people aren't ready for (and won't be happy with) TXDoT's master plan. Further, they aren't ready for for-profit tolling. What you're doing with these bills is legalizing extortion. And you won't get any cover from your party.

It's time to flip and call 39%'s bluff

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