Friday, June 01, 2007

What's all this Non-Sense

What’s All This Non-Sense?

What’s all this nonsense of you people opposing the Trans Texas Corridor. Why, this plan has got to reign supreme of the accomplishments of this great state’s great Governor. What other Governor could win the gubernatorial seat against two other Republicans and one Democrat opponents and could still force legislation through Austin. He wears the tag 39% proudly.

Just think about the wide benefits that might be reaped by the completion of this Highway System.

First, numerous family farms will be shut down. Well, farmers are going broke anyway since they cannot sell their produce at the actual cost of production. In a letter I got from the Governor’s own office, Dede Keith writes, "No property will be taken without just compensation." Well, if they’re losing money anyway, isn’t it a gift to them to pay them anything at all?

Cintra Zachry will not only make that land more profitable from toll revenues for 50 years, but can also claim farm subsidies for every acre they do not use.

Second, all these proposed roads go to other states that have no similar system designed. Now wouldn’t ya’ think that those folks in Oklahoma might see what we have and want something like it? They aren’t going to want these super highways to come to their borders and just stop are they?

Third, in that same letter from the Governor’s office, Keith writes, "Demographers predict that the Texas population will double over the next 25-30 years." So there may be twice the number of cars on all the roads. So why not expand the TTC and just double the size of every road? Why talk about rail transport when more concrete can solve the problem.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what a super highway might look like. Eight lanes each way might work best. One lane for joggers and walkers, and I guess those homeless people with their grocery store carts so they can all go town to town. Second, a lane for bicycle riders. Third a lane for people trying to hitchhike since they can’t afford the price of a car or even of the gasoline. Fourth an entry and exit lane. Fifth a lane for slow drivers. Sixth a lane for the triple trailer semis coming from Mexico. Seventh a lane for those car poolers (some people call them HOV lanes) --now isn’t that the solution for air pollution. Finally, a lane for those people who are in a hurry, ya’ know, no speed limits.

Now just think, all eight lanes with Tolls, maybe charging the speeders a little more in case they hit someone else, and not charging the truckers as much as the walkers since they are really transporting products around. Oh heck, just let the trucks keep on going for free since they belong to companies, and why should the drivers be hurt.

When ya’ think about it, why do your kids need to see Grandma anyway? If ya’ can’t afford the toll, then why are ya’ driving anyway? And when ya’ factor in all those who couldn’t afford unregulated tolls, maybe not too many folks will be likely to get out onto that super highway anyway.

Now Cintra Zachry could fret a bit over that, but then they will get their farm subsidies anyway, just like the Railroad Lines in California -- the number 1 recipient of farm subsidies in California.

Finally, what is so special is what Keith also wrote, "You should also know that limited tax dollars will be spent on the corridor." Since our gas tax goes to building roads I assume she meant the taxes from the State and Federal Governments. Why shouldn’t tax payers help to build roads for a private company, isn’t that like these new Stadium deals all over? And if they’re going to limit the amount of these tax dollars going into building these roads, then isn’t that a great deal?

And those Federal dollars are going to stop anyway since most of Texas cannot reach the EPA’s demands. But air pollution ain’t all bad -- it keeps doctors and pharmaceutical corporations busy.

Now some people are complaining about the cost of food and all going up. But I say, so what. If you’re so tight for money then just quit driving and paying so much for gasoline and tolls. Ya’ couldn’t even gripe about unregulated insurance charges then either.

Three things in life are sure -- death, taxes, and inflation.

But just think about no one driving because they can’t afford to. That would also reduce air pollution which all you tree huggers fret so much about.

Just think about the game that hunters could go after when the migration paths are blocked. In a decade or so all those pesky deer could be gone, and fishing licenses could begin to rise since more people might be looking to help feed their families.

Unregulated Tolls on roads paid for by tax dollars and profiting, as Keith writes, "a Spanish Company" and a "family-owned Texas company." Now if that ain’t Texas Family Values, what is?

So all you whiners, what’s you’re problem now?

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